Vertical Eden
With the release of Vertical Eden, Los Angeles based acoustic guitarist/composer David Pritchard extends  his exploration of original music for multiple acoustic guitars, also integrating violin, bass, and percussion into the music. The result is a hypnotic, mesmerizing musical journey.
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Velocity – David Pritchard

“With the release of Velocity, guitarist/composer David Pritchard continues his exploration of music for multiple acoustic guitars, also integrating harpsichord, flute, marimba, electric guitar and acoustic bass guitar into the mix. The result is a uniquely hypnotic, mesmerizing musical journey characterized by shifting overlapping meters and sparkling melodic patterns.”

Unassigned Territory – David Pritchard

Unassigned Territory
“There is a spaciousness and forward momentum to Pritchard’s designs that make his simple but detailed compositions sound cinematic.” – Billboard Magazine
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Air Patterns
“Air Patterns is one of those precious albums that cuts through the dross with its precision, craft, and design like an intricate Oriental rug.” – John Diliberto, CD Review
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Metal Roads – David Pritchard

Metal Roads
David Pritchard recorded this never before released jazz fusion session in 1981 before changing his musical direction;  the roots of his multiple acoustic guitar concept can clearly be heard in this rediscovered musical gem.

Listen: Chromatic Sea